Financial Aid Application

Dates for Financial Aid Applications and Free Application for Federal Student Aid’s (FAFSA’s)

Student and Aid Type

Apps Accepted



New Students: ESR Need-Based Aid

Jan. 1st


Funds are limited and are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Returning Students: ESR Need-Based Aid

Jan. 1st

April 15th

Late applications are put on a waiting list and reconsidered in September, depending on available funds.

All Students: FSA Loans

Jan. 1st


Requests for Federal Student Aid loans may be made anytime during the academic year.

APPLICATION PROCESS-please read, important information!

1. Complete and sign this ESR Financial Aid Application

A critical part of the application is the Budget Worksheet. Need-based aid awards and FSA loan amounts are largely based on this information, so take your time to compute realistic figures. The Expense Norms provided represent a frugal student budget. Your individual expenses may vary significantly.

2. Return the application to the ESR Business Office. See chart above for deadlines.

3. Complete a FAFSA . A FAFSA must be completed for either Need-Based aid or FSA loans. The web site is On the last page, enter both ESR’s school code, E00170 and Earlham College’s code, 001793.

4. For applications submitted between January 1st and April 15th, your Financial Aid Award letter will be sent by April 30th. For applications received after April 15th, your award letter will be sent within 2 weeks of receipt of your application or the FAFSA results, whichever is later. The award letter will include information on further steps you must complete.

5. Your request for an FSA loan is processed through Earlham College, and funding is disbursed to your student account in the first 2 weeks of class. If the amount disbursed is greater than all tuition and fees billed to your student account, the overage will be refunded to you within two weeks of the disbursement.

Note: You will receive one-half of your loan each Session.

Personal Information
Additional Information and Certification

1. I plan to attend ESR for the following semesters and credits:

credit hours
Enter the number of credit hours including August, January and Weekend Intensives, and Full Semester courses.
credit hours
Enter the number of credit hours including May and Weekend Intensives, and Full Semester courses.

2. Do you plan to take a Cross Cultural course this year?

3. I plan to attend the following Intensives (mark all that apply):

4. I plan to receive the following degree:

5. I expect to graduate or complete my studies in:

6. I expect to receive the following aid from sources other than ESR.

(Do not list student loans or ESR grants.)

The following optional questions will help ESR determine whether you are eligible for funds from endowed funds.

1. Please state your "official" religious affiliation.

2. If you are a member of the Society of Friends, please indicate your monthly and yearly meeting:

3. Please describe your career plans after ESR. Indicate whether you intend to go into pastoral ministry.

4. Please state country of citizenship.

5. If you are a member of a racial or ethnic minority, please describe:

Budget Worksheet

Please provide the following Cost of Attendance (COA) expenses.

  • Full Academic Year = 9 months
  • One Session Only = 4.5 months
  • Summer CPE: You can list expenses for the number of weeks worked during the summer months before the Fall session course in which you are registered. Click here for more information.
  • Budget norms represent a "frugal" student, and are offered only as a guide. There is wide variability in individual student's expenses. Attempt to calculate realistic and reasonable figures for yourself.
  • *Required field (enter 0 if none)
Rent or Mortgage & utilities

Norm for 9 months: $7,000

Personal Expenses

Food, household supplies, clothing, recreation; for yourself ONLY
Norm for 9 months: $3,500

Contextual Theology Cross Cultural course expenses

Travel expenses for 2-week Intensive travel classes and other approved Cross-Cultural course work. This includes travel fees charged by ESR or Bethany less any scholarship (such as the $1,000 grant), airfare and other transportation not included in the travel fees, parking, meals, and travel insurance. It does not include the purchase of mementos, clothes, gifts and other personal items.

  • ESR offers a one-time $1,000 grant to M.Div.students participating in a travel course to cover in-country travel and program expenses.  Enter your estimated travel expense in excess of the $1,000 grant
  • For all others students, enter the full amount of your estimated travel expense
  • For students living in or commuting to Richmond: Cost for auto insurance and car operating costs, or the cost of public transportation
  • For students not taking residential courses: Cost for travel to/from Intensives as well as housing during Intensives (do not include Cross Cultural course travel expenses listed in the next section)
Medical & Dental

Health Insurance Premiums plus out-of-pocket expenses
Norm for 9 months: $2,000

Disability Expenses

Disability Expenses, including costs incurred in obtaining accommodation documentation, special services, personal assistance, transportation, equipment, and supplies that are reasonably incurred and not provided by other agencies, and not paid by insurance

Child Care

Child care while attending classes.


If your phone or internet is bundled with cable or other services, you must break out the amount that is for ONLY phone and internet
Norm for 9 months: $775 for 9 months

Computer & Peripherals

One-time purchase plus upgrades

Loan origination fees

1% for Stafford Direct loans, 4% for GradPLUS loans. Estimate and Business Manager will update if signifiantly different.

Other Cost of Attendance expenses

You must include details below in order to be considered for inclusion in your COA.


I affirm that the information I have given in my aid application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I knowingly make a false statement or misrepresentation, my aid may be canceled and I may be subject to penalties from ESR or aid agencies.

Date:Monday, May 21, 2018 - 2:52 am

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