M.Div./M.Min. – Spirituality Emphasis

Lives committed to prayer and worship. Quest for personal spiritual growth. Study of the Bible and devotional classics. These are the foundations of all vital, authentic ministry. This spiritual emphasis focuses on deepening students' spiritual lives through intellectual study, inward examination, and connection with the leadings of the Holy Spirit. Students are prepared to offer ministry that is shaped by their personal experiences of God and the Spirit-led community.

Courses in the spirituality emphasis include Individual Spiritual Direction, Prayer; Spirituality and the Body; Spirituality and Suffering; History of Christian Spirituality; Quaker Spirituality, and Spiritual Formation in Contemporary Faith Communities.

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Before entering Supervised Ministry, residential students who choose this emphasis undertake an extended (no less than eight days), personal, directed spiritual retreat, and participate in ongoing spiritual direction for a minimum of 24 sessions during a period of no more than two calendar years.

Recent and Upcoming Spirituality Courses

2016 Fall PM 150 Pastoral Spirituality residential
2016 Fall FC 101 Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice residential
2016 Fall PJ 350 Spirituality of Peacemaking residential
2017 January SP 360-T The Spirit of Islam: The Qur'an and Its Interpreters two-week intensive
2017 Spring FC 102-O Spiritual Formation and Public Ministry online
2017 Spring FC 102  Spiritual Formation and Public Ministry residential
2017 Spring SP 342-O History of Christian Spirituality online
2017 August FC 101-T Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice two-week intensive
2017 August SP 350-T New Frontiers in Spirituality two-week intensive
2017 Fall FC 101 Spiritual Formation and Personal Practice residential
2017 Fall SP 336-O Eco-Spirituality online
2017 Fall SP 335 Individual Spiritual Direction residential

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Recent and Upcoming Spirituality Conferences and Events

Students, prospective students and others interested in pastoral care should plan to attend ESR's Annual Spirituality Gathering. In 2017, the Gathering theme is "Words and Realities: Language and the Inward Landscape," and features Keynote Speaker Brian Drayton along with workshops from current ESR students and graduates. The conference will take place on Saturday, March 11. For more information and registration, please visit hereView videos of past Spirituality Gatherings.

You may also be interested in the 26th Quakers in Pastoral Care and Counseling Annual Conference, March 23-26, 2017. The theme is "Centered in Wholeness: Body and Spirit," and features former ESR Spirituality Professor Stephanie Ford.

Massage, yoga, aromatherapy, centering prayer, time in nature, and other self-care opportunities are available to attendees.